Hollis Brown Thornton’s work is where it’s at.

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Her (2013), directed by Spike Jonze

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Oil painting by Andrea Kantrowitz.

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Live At The Bowery Ballroom: Miss Lauryn Hill

Photos: Wei Shi

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*Margaret Atwood: “We have had many second chances. Now is the time.”
*The Future of Rebellion by Chris Hedges
*Life after Real Sex
*Dmitri Orlov on Social Collapse
*Visiting MoMA in 2037
*Clive Hamilton reevaluates the Sexual Revolution
*Post-crash jobs for unemployed environmentalists by Erik Assadourian
*Confessions, secrets and insights about Adbusters and the future of Occupy

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Photos of Zambian ceremonies by François d’Elbee

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Thomas Couderc and Clément Vauchez aka Helmo - collaboration with Bonnefrite for Pronomade(s), 2010              Photo Collages

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dazed and confused

  • Me: Words are the shadows are feelings...you know who said that?
  • Maggie: Fuck you, you fucking bitch whore. That has no meaning because I said it with a smile. ...(proceeds to lay in a ball and play the Mike Posner remix of Rihanna's "Stay")